Following on the latest round of amendments to the proposed Section 18 EPR legislation that was released by the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) on 5 May 2021, the Executive and Board of Directors of MetPacSA (NPC) held numerous meetings to fine-tune our EPR plan for the metal packaging industry.

The following is an update of the proposed changes that will be made to our EPR strategy and fees, as well as our representation of the metal packaging industry:

Members only

MetPac-SA is open for membership application from all the role-players in the metal packaging value chain. However, for S18 EPR purposes, we will only be reporting to DFFE on the tonnages and material splits (i.e. steel / tin plate and aluminium identified products) of those companies who have signed up with us as members, and declared their tonnages.

Sub-EPR schemes

Where appropriate, we will explore the opportunity of reporting separately on specific identified products, such as used beverage cans, foil packaging and aerosol cannisters.

Check your facts

Baseline data accuracy is essential to enable meaningful measurements of year-on-year successes. To this end, we are working with BMi Research on data accuracy and measurement reporting disciplines based on agreed PRO guidelines.

Joining forces

We are working with other packaging PRO’s exploring effective mechanisms to address common challenges with respect to S 18 expectations.

Interim EPR Fee Model

  • Raw Material Manufacturers will pay a flat fee based on a tiered volume system.

  • Converters/Contract Packers pay R20 per ton for steel or tinplate; R15 per ton for aluminium; a minimum fee of R5 000 per annum shall apply.

  • Brand owners who source packaging from local convertors (less tonnage exported) will be levied

    • R168.75 per ton for steel or tinplate

    • R131.25 per ton for aluminium

    Brand owners who import filled metal packaging will pay

    • R188.75 per ton for steel or tinplate

    • R146.25 per ton for aluminium

    • A minimum fee of R5000 per annum shall apply

  • Retailers as brand-owners (importing filled metal packaging or branding their own products) will pay the same amount as brand owners who import filled metal packaging.

  • Individuals, associations or other interested stakeholder wishing to become members of MetPacSA will pay a flat fee of R60 000 per annum.

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